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BlackOwned 360 gives you up to date information and Financial info tailored to the Black Community. This includes BlackOwned Businesses in Finance/ Personal Finances, Entertainment, Lodging, Dining & other Professional Services that are owned by Black People.

Black Business Owners are finally getting the support they deserve. Other nationalities have always been able to call upon those of their race to support their business and neighborhood communities. As you know the America we know was built by blacks but not for black people.

Black people must support each other both financially and mentally. Shop at blackowned establishments and standing together is the only way will bring about the financial improvements and psychological peace that every person must have to enjoy a life worth living.

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Black Owned Business Facts

BlackOwned Business provide much needed services to the community. These services in being the front line in community centers, medical professionals, Health & Beauty, Transportation, Dining and many more.

Where are most Black Owned Businesses located?

BlackOwned business accounts for about 28% percent of all businesses in Washington, DC,. Number 2 is Georgia, where 20% of businesses are, and the state of Maryland and about 19% in Illinois.

New York has the most Black firms at 204,093.. Number 2 is the state of Georgia, 3 is Florida, and 4th Texas with the most Black-owned.

What types of Businesses are Owned by Blacks in America?

Most are service related. Nearly 40% of Black businesses are in health care, repair, maintenance and social assistance, personal services. Other are involved in advertising, consulting services, car dealerships, restaurants, beauty care and more.

Why are there so few BlackOwned Businesses in America?

Most intelligent human beings agree that racism, discrimination and predatory lending have lead to there being this extremely small number of blackowned businesses in America. Millions of aspiring Black business owners have been rejected and red lined by corporations and banks when applying for loans that they should be able to qualify for.

There is also few business resources if any in the Black American communities, leading to a lack of education on Entrepreneurship. Without those important and fundamental resources they lack the skills and tools necessary to start and manage a business successfully.

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